Saturday, July 2, 2011

Life changes

This past yr. And half I have went back to work full time in an accounting position, had the unfortunate loss of 5 family members , and now fighting the health care system on what has turned out to be the scariest health event I have had to face so far in my life.

I guess if you take anything away from these lessons it would be of appreciation. Love of family and friends close to your heart, and acceptance. Learning to face uncertain medical times is not something I thought the past few months, would bring, especially on the heels of so much personal loss in our family. Losing my Dad, Brother, Grand Mother, Aunt, and Great Aunt all within a few months of each other taught me that life is a precious gift, that fleets often far before we are ready. Each of these people had a unique purpose on this earth and in our hearts, and their passing brought our family together in a strong bond.

Being recently diagnosed with a benign 7mm partial calcified meningioma brain tumor has really thrown me and my family into turmoil. Then to hear my current symptoms might be originating from even more ailments have us perplexed. And to top off the situation with our current health care restraints, governing a broken HMO insurance plan, it s difficult to not be completely overwhelmed in addition to feeling bad with all the symptoms that are going untreated until a final diagnosis can be determined.

I am trying to be a well informed patient, and am learning that one must stay on top of these doctors to ensure adequate care. The statement " You must be your own advocate", is so very true!

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