Thursday, November 12, 2009

Button/Bow display ribbons and Altered Journals

Journals and more Journals!
Do you take the time to write down your thoughts? I have always encouraged my students to document, write down motivational thoughts or ideas, and to write the stories when they are in our minds of day to day life. I don't know what it is about this "adult onset memory loss" dilemma, but in experiencing it myself... I know it is very frustrating to remember things from years ago... and having trouble remembering an event from days ago!

The value of a journal, sketch book, idea book, recipe, diary or any other form of capturing ideas and even to do lists keeps life sane. What fun to go back and reflect, add in little notes here and there, and see what did or didn't go as planned.

Individual slips of paper that get trashed upon the completion of the list, seem wrong! To throw away a day to day agenda, seems like it didn't matter. So, keep a journal book near, and see what you can capture. It puts a sense of order to life, a sense of purpose for the thoughts and ideas....

Our soccer team parent bought this great ribbon and supplies for each parent. She asked me to sew these little goodies up for her. What a great way to organize buttons, bows, and any sort of collection that needs a great way to display. I love the idea, and will incorporate this idea into my inventory for sale. So if you have a need for a button, bow, or barrette organizer... give me a call.
This weekend is the Olivenhain Craft Fair. The weather is due to be chilly on Saturday, so will be a great day to "throw on the sweater" and come see what all the artists have to offer. For more info:

I am running a "come visit Yono's Creations" Blog special. If you have a blog or website and will add a link or mention Yono's Creations, and if you click on the "follow" button ... I will send you a FREE recycled notebook... So then you have NO excuse to jot down those memories, to do lists, recipes, and memories in a permanent little book. To receive your goodies: Follow the Yono's Creations blog, link in your own website or blog, and then email me your address so I can get your notebook to you. You can email me directly:

Please share with family and friends, I am offering this to the first 20 people who contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. Please leave a comment here, and let me know you would like to participate. I would love to hear from you!

Challenge for the week: create something out of your comfort zone. My challenge this week to my crochet and fiber art class is to create a fabric collage. When they complete their projects I will photograph the final products.... We are making mini wall hangings with our fabric collages, it should be great fun to see what is created!

Have a great day, embrace this holiday/fall season by enjoying the sites and sounds of the season, and remember to share your art!