Sunday, July 3, 2011

Don't Mess with my "zen" thing

I am going to try and write down my story, of this new path...

Today. Was a 2 seizure day so far. Yet, once they are over I am usually able to go along with my day. Sometimes there is limping or very sore muscles after, but for the most part I can go along and finish my agenda as planned.

We are in the middle of moving severL things around in the house involving re-organizing our master bedroom and switching some of the furniture around in both of the other bedrooms. The exciting part is when complete I will have my own sewing craft room/ guest room and our master bedroom will have a real restful retreat area. Both of these projects are so exciting and I'm anxious to have my sewing area all done to try and inspire me again to quilt!

So as the "zen" appears in our house, I hope it flows into our heart, and soul.

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