Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Light 10/15/2014

The Light…
Thank you for the time and dedication put forth to help us all in the journey, The MS Journey.

We all carry a different type of torch:
A Night Light for those after our time who could be cured and spared the grief of daily life with MS!  We want a healthier world for of the pain and fear we carry.

Lightening Bolt to bring a cure today, for all Autoimmune Diseases, for all those affected.

And a Rainbow of Orange Color to those before us, who weren't given the opportunities that today's technological advancements have afforded our Generation of MS Conquerors!

And finally but most importantly:
 The Sun Rising Light of Mother Nature, shining bright as her role in celebrating the perfect MS CURE PARTY!

Our invitations to attend the MS Cure Party are on the horizon, showcasing the guest(s) of honor:
Family, Friends, MS Community, All Caregivers, and Supporters!
You deserve to be the guest of honor at the event we all look forward to attending.

Stay Well My Friends,
Smile at the good times, and laugh at the MS Monster when it tries to takeover.  Together we ALL Beat The MS Monster! 
Thank you for being Our Community.... we love all of you!

Terri Yonemura

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