Saturday, November 7, 2009

Soccer, Japanese Erasers, and Christmas Twirl Skirt Set

This little Twirl skirt is off to it's new owner. I am working on all kinds of holiday gift items and will be showcasing at several shows the next few weeks:

If you are looking for a little outing next Saturday, come visit me and many other artists at the Olivenhain Arts and Craft Fair. Saturday, Nov 14 from 9 am till 4pm. ( At the old meeting hall on Rancho Santa Fe and 7th Street). I am hearing great things from many of the artists, and this would be the best place to search for very affordable Hand Made items for holiday shopping.

At this time of year, it is so much fun to attend these shows and see all the talent that is available in our local area! I am in awe at each show of the creativity that goes into each artists works....

So has your home been invaded by the "Japanese Erasers, Craze"? This collection has grown beyond the shadow box on the wall, to taking over adjacent bookshelfs... and the craze is still a huge driving force for the 11 yr. old in our house! The one time I hear no grumbling about going grocery shopping is if we are headed to the Japanese Market, where she is in hopes of adding to her collection. You have to admit, sure beats the "trading card craze" of years past! And the price is right, very inexpensive hobby!

End of soccer season is here for the Black Pearls. We had our pizza party today after the game, and trophy time! Next weekend is the tournament and then we bid this season, farewell... with mixed emotion! Great to have such a wonderful group of girls this season, and we will miss our weekly time at practice and game day on Saturday's.... but, nice to have some down time too, especially those early Saturday am game times!

The weather has been cooler and slightly crisp. Even though we don't experience true "Fall changes" here in Southern CA, we do get to add a scarf and a light weight jacket now and then... I think this year, Thanksgiving is receiving the honor that it should! We all have so much to reflect on during the tough year that is passing, and knowing that as families, we are all paring down some on extravagant expenses. I think these tough times, are bringing back the true meaning of the holiday season! We are all learning to find pleasure in the simpler things of life, and for that I am grateful...... So let's make our "Thanksgiving list" and when times seem overwhelming, maybe we can look at our list, and take a breath...... knowing in the end, it is health and happiness... not all the material things we had all grown so accustomed to in years past, that makes life special.

Happy Holidays!

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