Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let's Swap!

I have been one to always enjoy swapping... didn't matter if it was hand me down clothes, recipes, or any kind of surplus I might have on hand. Given our "learning to live with less" these days we are all starting to think more about the coupons, bargains, and thrifty ideas available to us. I have been the avid coupon lady for years.... in fact an entire blog post could be dedicated to funny stories my family has had to endure through the years with my "coupon woes", but I will spare you that for now.

The term "Swap Nation" has been showing up in magazines, blogs, and websites for months. A recent statistic stated on Craigslist that requests for Bartered goods and services was up 125% over the past year, and was one of the most popular catagories offered on the popular buy and selling site.

A couple of sites I have heard about and would like input if anyone has had success in using:, and If you are involved in any local organizations or clubs, books clubs, or networking groups you might be able to organize a "closet exchange for clothing, books, recipes, and other surplus items. I am going to be working on a craft supply swap with a networking friend who suggested we trade our extra unwanted supplies with each other, what a great way to save money, and have new supplies to work with!

Let me know how you swap, and trade!

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