Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Flag, what does it mean to you?

If you were to answer what my favorite color or pattern is, it by far has always been ruled by the FLAG! I love Red, White, and Blue. Bring me into a store and I will go straight for anything flag related. Something about our flag has always been a sense of peace for me. Some would describe the love of red, white, and blue as being "folk art". Possibly, from living in the Southern part of the United States is where I developed this as a young adult. Whatever the reason, it is certainly ingrained in my soul!

Do you look at the flag as Art? Or as a way to honor our Troops? What about as our History, not just as Americans, as a group of people coming from all parts of the world gathering here in America...? The flag, does it represent all of these components?

I would love your input!

I believe a quilted flag wall hanging, which I started a couple of months ago, will need to be picked up and completed....I can never have too much Red, White, and Blue in my life!

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