Thursday, September 3, 2009

Purses on Parade Starring "Fred" The purse holder...

It has been a parade of purses at the sewing machine lately... Small "clutch" reversible style and larger "market bag" style.

I added an inside pocket to the market bags because frankly, ladies we are ALL about the pockets right! With me, even my pants have became... ALL about the pockets... ( well, and stretchy waist band, but that is an entire blog post all it's own!)

Why so many pockets? Cell phones! If it isn't in your pocket, or in the purse pocket.... it is a problem. I go upstairs, leaving my cell phone down in the "crafting area" only to hear it going off time and time again.

The other item pushed into the pockets, is my I-pod. Since I spend many hours a day creating, or marketing I am always listening to my favorite crafty podcasts. With over 350 podcast subscriptions, I must never be too far from my I-pod! Ok, I don't actually listen to EACH and EVERY one of those... but, free is free and why not subscribe to the things you are interested in so that you have a "library" to choose from. So yes, I am a podcast "freak" of sorts... and the day that I have to pay for listening will be a sad day indeed!

So how do you like "Fred"? He is a turtle souvenir I picked up our last trip to San Francisco.... so he is a new resident to Carlsbad... I needed a purse holder this morning, and he volunteered for the job since everyone else was gone!

And for anyone who cares... it is 85 degrees in our house today... this being the 3rd week of our 2009 "heat wave"..... This coastal living, isn't too pleasant at the moment! Sleeping at night has been rather YUCKY!

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