Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekly agenda

I have been working on creating a tribe in Twitter and building my following. The viral online community is changing at rapid speed, and seems there is so much to learn. I am searching for ways to enhance my online presence in the social networking realm. Challenging myself to put in several hours per day in regards to marketing online, and improving my inventory that is currently available in Etsy.

What have you been doing to create a viral social networking resource for yourself? What are your favorite "weapons" to increase traffic to your site? Do you have a great idea, that others could benefit from? Let's share ideas!

My top ten list to be a "viral artist" :

1. Blog very frequently, and find great information to share with others.
2. Tweet about unique and quality products and services for others to enjoy.
3. Bring out my visions of "pay it forward" within my blog, and ask others to share their moments.
4. Learn new crafts and perfect existing inventory items.
5. Network with other working mom's in the quest that "buying, giving, and receiving" handmade is the greatest way to help our economy.
6. Publish photos often to my flicker account, especially works in progress.
7. Identify people who are like minded, and sharing goals with each other.
8. host giveways and contests on blog.
9. Search out intersting crafters to post a blog interview.
10, Enjoy some family time after all my hard work!

What is your favorite 10 ideas to grow your business, make a mark in this world, or whatever you are passionate about.

More to follow....

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