Saturday, May 23, 2009

A little catching up....

Just back from a recent trip to visit my family and have some "Granny Yono" time. My granddaughters are growing at rapid speed, each developing their own unique personality. They are opposites in some ways, and as you can see..... destined to be great cooks! This is their 2nd attempt at pie making with their great grandmother giving them direction. I think cooking is definitely going to be a passion for both. I find myself just in awe of these girls, and amazed at their eagerness to learn anything that comes their way. I am definitely, a VERY proud "Granny Yono"!

I returned home and decided it was time to re-arrange my crafting area. Isn't that what we do, work in our space, and then after awhile decide it needs some changing to keep ourselves motivated with creativity? Given that I have taken over the formal dining area, and now the den area just inside the front door... yes, this is the site all visitors see when they FIRST step into our home! omg!!!!
So with my best attempt to re-organize my "space".... it was time to set into action a few new projects... I have a couple of new patterns purchased recently that were needing to be pulled out and attempted. The first is a really great pattern for pillow cases. I love the ease of this pattern, and the sizes included were nap, regular, and king... I tried out a couple of nap sizes, and a small version of a regular size to ensure I have it all figured out before attempting the largest size.

Next, I finished up my first attempt at a cute little purse in some of my favorite yarn. I loved how easily this little bag worked up. My next attempt is going to include a inside pocket and a snap closure. I have never crocheted a bag like this, and will definitely be doing this again.

Last on my weeks accomplishments is the "Lickety Split" quilt I am working on, I still need another outside edge, quilting, and binding. I just love this pink, black, and brown fabric! The silhouettes are very nostalgic feeling and I love the action of the pattern. If you DON'T pick directional and difficult blocks in varying sizes to work with, I believe that this pattern would be a quick and easy sew..... As soon as I get this one finished, I want to try another with the same pattern and see what a difference in look I can achieve.

So that is what is on my work table..... what about yours?

Feel free to leave me a comment, ask any questions, and let me see what you are doing! I will be listing some of these items in the next day or so in my Etsy store, and welcome special requests! Please leave me a comment, and let's chat!

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