Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pay it Forward

Today in our networking meeting the topic of "Paying it forward" came up. Our founder was speaking about her thoughts on how our world is headed in the wrong direction and a grass roots movement is taking place and needs to be advanced of doing good towards our human race to ensure we thrive in the future. We discussed many options and goals for the upcoming new year, and challenged each member to find their own way of "Paying it forward".

The timing of thoughts and events is amazing to me. Considering this same topic ( having just finished the book of the same name) weighs on me year after year. Since childhood I have had this notion that I have a mission to complete. A dream has haunted me for most of my adult life in regards to doing my part to make this earth a little better than I found it. I discuss it at times with the people I love the most, these thoughts and feeling but never really taking a major step to put things into action. Maybe the timing is now right, maybe it is now my time to "Pay it forward"...... Maybe, just maybe it is time for all of us to take a good hard look inside our hearts and realize things are tough out there and somehow we each have to start putting those good thoughts to action.

How can we all start to pay it forward?

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