Monday, January 5, 2009

Enjoying a beach walk

Even though we can see the beach from our home and be there in just minutes.... we find long stretches of time go by without making the effort. So when we start walking, and enjoying the wonderful ocean air, it is such a refreshing moment. On a recent rather cold afternoon, at high tide we went to check things out at our local beach. Without fail, a few minutes at the beach will clear up any doldrums racing around in your head.

I sometimes wish we received the crazy intense waves like in Hawaii and other places, but still love our local shores, and awesome sunsets.

So while other parts of the country were pounded with snow and ice storms during the holiday time, we experienced our much needed rainfall and cold days. I have really grown to hate the cold, and know what a wimp I have developed into when it gets below 70 degrees :) We did finally give it up and turn our heat on. It seems as the seasons are changing globally, we are needing heating and air as never before. It seems wrong to be in Southern CA and experiencing the cold nights that have been hanging on far too long!

Wimp, right?

Now that the holidays are over, I have been working on crocheted rugs, finishing up some quilting projects that have been gathering dust, and planning some new sewing and crafting projects to start on.

We are trying a new location for the crafting class this week, hopefully it will be a comfortable venue for everyone who attends. I have great hope to continue growing my business this year, and feel 2008 was the first succesful year I have experienced since leaving the work force.

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