Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas, December Lights, and tradition

Wow, what a flying November and December! I have only shipped 3 Christmas packages so far, and my to do list for the next 10 days is growing, expanding, and exploding.

So as usual I am rushing, and taking it all in stride.

This weekend we are involved in a "Commissioners Cup" soccer tournament. Today, with lunch packed, blankets, chairs, card games to keep everyone entertained during breaks we headed off early to get a parking spot. The field is huge, with over 9 games going on at any given time. You can hear the screams of parents, and enjoy the kids running all around putting their best effort into their games. We were victorious today, and will head off early tomorrow am for another full day of games ( or so we hope..... if we lose it is over). Even though the season is over now, and this is the final weekend of games, it will be missed until next year. Something about a Saturday am soccer game full of cheers and excitement is a great way to get the weekend off and running.

I have done ZERO shopping, and if gifts can't be pulled from my own stash I will purchase any other needs from Etsy. It has actually been nice to not be caught up in the whole "mall experience"... and kindof leaning towards gift cards, and possibly a little weekend getaway for the kids... so I have no reason or need to break my record of NO MALL Traffic..... I am loving the peace and quiet of it all!

Next week I must prepare for upcoming class, and am currently searching out my ideas.... there are some really awesome holiday gift items popping up around the blogs, many things to pull inspiration from. I am blown away by Tim Holtz's 12 tags of Christmas series, check it out if you haven't as it is completely AMAZING! I am considering a class on tags, and alot of embossing, which we have never tackled.

We had our Christmas party for the networking group I am involved in this past week. Our founder treated us to her home cooked Persian lunch, and we were all filling our plates, and enjoying the new tastes. It really is fun to try new foods, new recipes, and new traditions...... if we teach our kids anything about the holiday season, I hope it is to explore different cultures, and celebrations. I think everyone left the party a little fulfilled with the holiday season for all the new things we experienced.

I just finished reading "Pay It Forward", although had seen the movie about this movement, several years ago. What an amazing thought.... if we would each make a gesture of good deed for someone in need.... in whatever capacity we could..... and always "pay it forward" if having received such a gesture in our own lives.... what a better world this would be.

Hum, what a New Year's resolution to ponder.....

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