Friday, August 29, 2008

Quilts, finishing Granny's quilts.

I am finally getting back to working on my "lesson Quilts" from my Granny. She worked with almost a year ago on learning how to quilt, and started me with 3 different quilts to do. I completed the top of the pinwheel and am putting together the 9 patch now. Having not looked at my "UFO" (unfinished object) in quite some time, I had to call yesterday to get a few little pointers on how best to put the rows together. But, as I knew she would.... Granny set me straight in minutes, and I put in several hours yesterday on the 9 patch quilt top.

My next hurdle will be after I finish all 3 tops ( I also have a Dresden to complete) is whether to outsource the finish quilting, or learn to do it myself. I am fearful at trying to do it myself, the tops are looking beautiful, but not too sure about my "machine quilting and binding skills".

I know that Granny is paying her quilter a FRACTION of what the long arm quilters charge here in CA. So, will have to do some research on this matter.... Maybe, a lesson or two is in store for me, from a machine quilter.

It is such a beautiful day here, this was my 3rd day for walking to and from school... and the hill although still tough to conquer was a little more bearable today. The aching muscles are easing up some, and I see a light at the end of this "back into the routine of exercising" tunnel..... Maybe those jeans won't be quite so tight when cold weather hits. :)

I'am off to shop at my favorite "Natural Foods" store, Frazier Farms. The cupboards are in need of restocking! Hopefully I can find some really interesting healthy meal options. With a 3 day weekend in store, it is time to stock up.

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