Thursday, August 28, 2008

Card Kits ready for the Holidays!

Cards, Cards, Cards! I have been in a let's get a huge stack done mood lately. Both of these kits have 8 cards enclosed and are in a matching decorative box to house all of the cards with room for more. I was so pleased to find the "lady" stamp set. Having craved a "fashionable lady" stamp for a long time now, it was great fun to work with. When my daughter was creating her hope chest several years ago, she had found these wonderful little dishes that reminded me of "a trip to Paris, enjoying the sidewalk cafes." And we would laugh and make plans of being there one day. This stamp set reminds me of those dishes. Very whimsical and "Pretty Woman" like. So even though my days are filled with t shirts and shorts (which I LOVE), instead of fancy heels, hats, and dresses... it is still fun to play!

School has started back, YEAH! I am ready for the structure for all of us. Summer was great fun, but it is time to get back on schedule. This year I am walking my step daughter to and from school, which is our way of "saving the environment and some fuel costs". But, feeling the pain in my legs as I try to get back in shape, as we have a very long hill to climb it is harder than I expected although I know it is a great way for me to ensure myself a little exercising each day. Hopefully by next week I will be taking that hill with ease... or at least not huffing my way so intently.....

Crafting wise, I am working on Fall Craft shows trying to locate a few more to be involved with. And, I am hitting the sewing machine to try some new projects also. I would like to do more quilting at least on small scales such as wall hangings, or lap quilts.

Pouring over all the wonderful crafting blogs that are now being posted there is SO much inspiration to get yourself motivated. If you find a blog or have a blog please leave me a comment with your link so I can check it out!

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