Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Sea" of Twirl Skirts

The past week I have been sewing twirl skirts like crazy. I have made all of these to fit ages 3-5 and in Halloween, Christmas, and a variety of other fabrics. These are going to all be shipped off to my daughter who is going to make matching hairbow sets to go with each and then will be available for sale. What fun to work together in creating some very cute and unique sewn items!

Next, I am making another group that will be available at Oct-Dec craft fairs that I am participating in. If your interested in a set, just leave me a comment or send me an email. It is very cool to also pair the skirt sets with a shirt that has been embelished with some of the same fabrics from the skirt in various embroidery decorations.

On the scrapbooking side, we have a class scheduled for next week, Sept 23 for a 4 hour session! Will be posting some pics from our project in a few days. Keep in touch, and let me know what you are crafting! If you visit my blog, please leave me a comment so I know you have been here!

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