Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Class prep and other deadlines

Is summer already closing? What happened, and how did time fly so fast? August soared in, along with a long anticipated visit from my daughter and her family's arrival for a week at "Granny Yonos"! How exciting, action packed can we be with a almost 3 yr old, and a vibrant just turned 5 year old! We hit all the major highlights, including a very long day at Disney Land. Princess were the TOP of our list, and we met them all! The week flew by, and tears filled my eyes as they drove out of site....... so hard to be this far away from them all!

So back to work, and August is crammed packed. I am kicking off this weekend with a huge arts and crafts sale (garage sale) on Saturday, followed by crafting classes on Sunday and Tuesday. The inspiration for Sunday's class is in the picture, scraplifted from the CTMH website, we will be creating a form of these cards along with some other surprises on Sunday.

Then the following weekend I am listed as a vendor for a Breastcancer fundraising event held at Bates Nut Farm as well as later in the day still set up for the evenings event that includes a motorcycle event. This is going to be an extremely LONG Saturday, and hopefully full of customers ready to shop.

My inventory consists of upcycled note pads, lp album books and record "bowls", and my newest obsession with "green shopping bags". I have tons of work to do before next weekends shows, so will say good evening for now.... get crafting!

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