Thursday, July 10, 2008

July already? SLOW DOWN THE CLOCK !

We have had a crazy summer so far! Started off with being present during delivery of my daughter's surrogate twins! What a unique opportunity to watch my daughter fulfill her dream of helping a family who couldn't naturally conceive children and then to see my little granddaughters learn in my opinion a wonderful lesson on how to help someone when you can! I was amazed at the whole process, and what a beautiful little boy and girl are now with their loving family as a result of this gift!

Next, we spent our summer vacation in Kauai, and as always it was remarkable. (I will add more pics) we went on a treeptop zipline experience that if you know me, pushed my fears to the LIMIT! Being upwards of 200 feet in the air isn't my fear, it was the 2 bridges we had to cross while up there, one being a swinging bridge where EVERY step moved and swayed, and the 2nd being a completely CRAZY Single rope like a high wire circus act ( although you did have a rope to hold onto) But, I survived and loved it! We also went on a tour of a newly developed chocolate farm. This was not only interesting but gave a unique look at very rare plants, trees, and we even saw a "lizard fight" that I now find out meant "He, liked her".

Then on return day, I started to feel very ill just before our 5 hour flight was to board.... Upon arrival in LA, we knew from my symptoms it was going to require a ER visit to make sure this was not appendicitis, and as it turned out after many hours and some testing it was a very bad Food poisoning of sorts. So the next couple of days there was no crafting taking place in my home! YUCK!!!!

So back to the craft table.... what's new? I have been working on books, making books from any sort of recycled box I can find. I have used cereal boxes, snack boxes, and my favorite so far has to be from band-aid boxes....They are great for sketch books, recipes books, planners, notepads, personal diary, kids "car kits", and little photo albums. These will be for sale at local street fairs and craft shows, and I will post a few in my Etsy store.

I also am doing some birthday parties. At Simply Ambrosia ( where I have several items for sale, and also teach crafting classes) we joined forces for hosting birthday parties. This weekend there is a "Tea Party" themed birthday party that I am doing the art/craft for. The girls are having a real tea party and the theme is Hannah Montana. So for the craft I made books for each girl from drink coasters, they are going to decorate their book with a kit I made for each book chock full of ribbons, bling, and everything "Hannah Montana". Will be excited to see how well they enjoy their party.

The next classes are Sunday July 27 from 1:30 to 3:30 , and on Tuesday July 29 from 9:30 am to 11:30am. If interested in attending please contact me! Space is limited especially on Sunday.

I joined Mom Business Associates this week and am very excited to see where this new Networking Group will go! It is completely child friendly and business focused, and seems a perfect match for my needs. If your a member of MBA or interested leave me a comment, so I know your checking out my blog. I look forward to meeting and working with everyone. If your a Mom and have your own business please contact me if you would be interested in learning more about this networking group.

Have a great week, and as always........ craft when you can, it is GOOD FOR YOU! :)

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