Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mother's Pride

Today I was giving a little Step mom pep talk about how we have to be careful in the decisions we make.... how sometimes taking a slightly easier path to ensure we can be on top of our game in regards to GPA, attitude, and happiness.... is sometimes wiser than putting ourselves in a situation that might be tougher than we are truly prepared to handle... causing us to then loose our end goals and agenda. I mentioned not letting our natural human nature to be a little strong minded get in our way of admitting our need to evaluate along the way.

I used my Son, as an example. He worked since a little boy on our family ranch, then in early Jr. High started working also for others, including ranchers, and a local tire shop all the way through High School. During college, he went the Jr. College route, and worked through paying his own way. He finished his degree on his own sweat and merit, having earned every grade through hard work, and having to pay for school on loans and through working jobs along the way. His dream had always been to become someone who could work within the great outdoors, enjoying what he grew up around, and he stuck to that dream. Now, he is a very respected young man in his community doing what he loves to do best.... and I see him as the loving, caring, husband, son, and friend that I knew he would grow up to be. He knows how to work hard, and he knows how to respect how hard he has worked. He has every reason to be very proud of the man he has became. Many young men today, grow up not knowing who they are, what life is about, and what direction to take. I respect those that hold their head high and even in times of mistake, know that they do the best they can each and every day. I wake up each day proud of my children, and the adults they each develop into. I cry when they cry, laugh when they laugh, long to hold them as babies again, ok, only for a short time :), and I take pride in watching them venture out and see what they accomplish. Life truly is wonderful, when you have such great kids!

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