Monday, June 2, 2008

June already?

June is here? Seems like the year is rushing by so fast as usual. Thought I would upload one of my favorite pictures from Universal Studios since they are in today's news from this weekends fires that have destroyed several buildings on the lower lot including many buildings we have toured when on the backlot tram ride. Isn't my honey cute hanging out with the mummy?

So far summer has brought higher than believable gas prices, tornadoes and other weather related terror by record numbers, and the longest presidential race I can ever remember. It seems desperate times are hitting all over the nation, and all over the world. I am suddenly hearing stories of people in food lines that never believed they would find themselves in such a situation.... it is hard to not fear the future and what it holds. I try to imagine if now my generation is going to feel the brunt of something big, and wonder if we are ready? I wonder how do we prepare, and how do we prepare our children? Is this what my grandmother felt, what her mother felt? And by surpressing the fear, and telling oneself to not fear the unknown, to not be negative... is one being smart? Current fuel is $3.17-3.19 and the highest I have seen at the pump myself, has been $3.39. Still, we take one day at a time, try to make smart choices within our budget, and look for ways to lower costs along the way..... guess that probably isn't any different than what any generation would have done.

I noticed in class this week, that when given open time to create a layout of their own each student went a completely different route. I provided 3 props: a tag encased within a simple brown paper bag envelope, 2 white brads, and 1 silver heart brad.... they used stamps, papers, and ribbon of their own choice. Each lady moved quickly and their pages were wonderful. We all share a love for crafting of various forms and class is always filled with networking of cool websites we have found, or the best sale we found while out and about. It is fun to keep a variety of projects on hand to bring each month to share. I wonder who walks away with more from the lessons, myself or the students?

Next week, I will be making a trip to check in on my daughter, son, and of course the ever IMPORTANT GRANDDAUGHTERS! My daughter is very close to delivery of twins and this is a very magical situation. She is a surrogate Mom for a family that can't have children, and luck would have it there are going to be 2 little beauties for their family very soon. I am so proud of my daughter for this venture, what a unique and wonderful gift she is giving of her heart. She is getting a mixed bag of emotions and reactions from people, family, and friends.... but, like always she is taking it like a champ. I was thinking this morning how rewarding it is going to be years from now, when the appropriate times arrives for these little ones to understand they had a "Godmother" who "hosted" their way into this world.... I am scared of course as any mother is for a safe and healthy delivery, and recovery for all.... but, in my heart I know this is good. I know this is well thought out, and well meant, and no matter what society thinks of this not so often explored option, I am proud to be her Mom. I hope somewhere in that big heart of hers she knows what a beautiful young woman she has turned out to be. As I tell her often, life is too short.... don't worry about being judged along the way.... pick your own path, do what you know is right, and hold your head high.

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