Monday, May 12, 2008

The Day is Done

What a cool sunset we had!  Just a few nights ago, I almost missed getting a picture of this cool sunset.  This was the last few remaining seconds of what was a spectacular beam of light setting over the ocean.  Just before I ran upstairs to retrieve my camera the color hues were radiating so brilliant, it was unbelievable~ almost a rainbow effect inside this beam of light that was piercing it's way from the skies into the ocean.   Wow! What beauty!

Today I purchased a Zutter machine and the "MONSTER" paper cutter.  The plans are to up-cycle things like record album covers ( does anyone call them that?) and create really cool journal books from them.  I am going to try my hand at all kind of book bound projects, so anything lying around will probably become my victim!  Having done some research, I see journals made from cereal boxes, game board boxes, candy boxes, and even license plates... so seems pretty much anything is prey.  The future seems to be scrapbooks and journal books!   

From tornados, earthquakes, and all sorts of natural disasters it seems our world is really taking a beating.  Today China was hard hit, and the news is devastating.  I sat in disbelief at what the news is reporting thinking to myself, why don't we just back out of this senseless war, and send troups to all the areas in desperate need of immediate life threatening hour by hour cries for food and water....... somehow, it just all doesn't make sense.

I have on my mind to start my stamp project with the theme of  " World Peace".........

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