Friday, April 18, 2008

Update to the Ebay Empty Can Auction

So I blogged yesterday about posting my ebay listing for international cans on Ebay for 7 EMPTY coke cans, and how within a few minutes of listing I had 3 emails asking for more pics, to sale the Swaziland can for 10.00 by itself now, and why the shipping in a flat rate box to Canada is SO high ( I question that one myself... WHY is the PO charging so much for their flat rate boxes, and who is pocketing all that profit!!!  to Canada and international countries it jumps from $8.95 domestic to $23.00 Canada/Mexico and $37.00 all other countries  what a surcharge! if we did that on our gas leaving????.... but that is a entire different blog)  

Anyway back to the empty coke cans.... today's email is offering me $50.00 to end the auction.... Can you believe it, FIFTY DOLLARS for SEVEN EMPTY COKE CANS!   WHAT an offer!   But,  it is my policy to never pull an auction for outside offers, so I kindly emailed back the person and tried to explain my belief in the "auction process"  and hoped they would place a max. bid for $50.00 and see what happens....    you never know, you might lose a sale over this.... but, I believe in ethics above all... and I believe in standing by your ethics and hopefully the buyer understands your stance...   I think it is wrong to pull an auction for these reasons.  I believe it is wrong to "bid up an auction",  I just like the whole auction process... seeing what happens and knowing no matter who you are, you have the right to buy an item for whatever price your willing to pay for it, UNLESS someone is willing to pay more for it... that is true freedom to me.  

I find auctions fun and I hate to see people take the fun out of it .... so we will see what happens.

But isn't it amazing that 7 empty cans would be worth $50.00 in today's world?  I asked my Dad yesterday when he called,  "What would Papa ( his father) had thought of having to put $500.00 gas into a motor home to fill up the tank?"    HE WOULD HAVE FELL OVER!"    and now I would like to call Papa up and ask him "Papa, would you take $50.00 for 7 empty cans of coke?"   :)

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