Thursday, April 17, 2008

Posting for sale on Ebay

Besides selling on Etsy (  I also sell on Ebay (terrichy2003) on a very regular basis.   So today I was listing among other items this lot of 7 vintage (empty) coke cans from around the world.  I know that 2 are from Japan, 1 is from Africa (Swaziland) and the rest I am not positive on,  I believe 1 to be German... and not certain on the rest.... 

It seems there is a market for these vintage, empty, and opened cans from around the world.  And from the emails that I am receiving I believe the most popular is going to be the Swaziland can....which is dated 1986, as I am receiving requests to sale it outright, before the auction ends by itself with the highest request being so far for $10.00 plus shipping costs....

Who would have thought, traveling around the world, sipping on a coke over the years you should have brought the empty can back in your bag.... put it in a box and some years later been able to sale it for $10.00?   Crazy world we live in isn't it!   The whole concept of Ebay, Etsy and other online modes of selling our wares.... we would have never considered as an option just a few years ago growing up!   So this will be one of the interesting auctions of mine to watch... go check it out, and if your a collector get in on the bidding!   Look me up as a seller:   terrichy2003.  

happy shopping,    happy crafting, and as always if your here-  drop me a note tell me what your up to, and let me know if you have a blog so we can share!

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