Sunday, April 20, 2008

coke can.... auction

I decided to take down the auction.. I have had so many emails regarding this lot of empty cans and in particular the can from Swaziland.   People are offering me ( now that I have removed the auction) up to 250.00 so far for the can... and angry that I removed the auction.   

It has me thinking not so much about what is this particular can worth.... but, how mean people can be when they don't get things to go their way.  I have had an email telling me that I don't "understand Ebay".... now on what basis does anyone make such as statement, if they bothered to look at my history within ebay, my feedback score rating it all stands for someone who tries to sale within the scope of what ebay is all about.

My only response to the people sending emails is:  if this can was so important to you, then why didn't you place at least the .99 cent opening bid that then turns this lot into an Auction.... and at which point I am obligated to allow the process to play out... and can't remove it for no bids, or any other reason of my choosing .... which is within my rights as a seller...  

without a bid... no auction has started... and ebay allows a seller to stop the "auction viewing" without recourse ( except of course paying ebay their listing fees).  Seems I am the one who understands Ebay.... and if you wanted to buy it for $250.00   I believe an opening bid of .99 to secure the auction would have been a good starting point....

Somewhere along the way, it seems we are able to hide behind our emails, blogs, and paperless words throwing rocks if you will..... without regard to how or why people have made the decisions they have made.... It appears easy to throw slander, if you aren't speaking face to face.... Who gives us the right to be so critical of others, and when do we realize that to find peace on this earth.... we have to start within ourselves?

Just my little point of view from day to day life.... Crazy as it is :)    So, now that the "coke can" is behind me,  maybe I can get back to some ART!

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