Monday, April 28, 2008

Little Chinese Takeout Box of Goodies

So a few weeks ago I listed this lot of little goodies in my Etsy store for sale, and it seems alot of people check them out... but no one is interested enough to purchase.  The most interesting piece to me is the piece of shell that is made into a sail pin.  I wonder who might have pinned this on to a jacket or summer shirt and wore it with pride.  Probably dates back into the 70's would be my best guess.  Then, the little pair of wooden shoes, how cute they would be in a little doll house.  sitting beside a bed, all layed out ready for someone to put on!  Little miniatures are fun, not really something I collect or have alot of use for, but interesting none the less.

I don't recall having a doll house growing up, I was into Barbie and all her "stuff".  In fact, I can't say I have every known any little girl who actually had the whole doll house set up. My daughter had one of sorts, but it never really got "off the ground".  I mainly just envied the ones I saw on TV and movies, they looked really cool.

Toys have certainly evolved from those days.  The simple toys are no more.  Tea sets are not top of the birthday list.  Maybe I need to set up a doll house.... is there an age limit?

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