Monday, October 13, 2008

Follow Me Boutique

This past weekend I was able to set up and sale my goodies with a great group of women under the name of "Follow Me Boutique". We were a varied mix of artists who captured every realm in art. The tables all looked so amazing, and the talent I was able to meet was awesome! We hope to have many upcoming events as a group, and are looking for venues to hold our events during the year. All customers that I spoke to were very complimentary of each and every vendor who was showcasing their art. All pieces were unique and one of a kind, making it a wonderful shopping experience. I talked to several customers who all stated, " this is certainly one stop shopping for all gift needs throughout the year!" Please contact me if your interested in keeping up with where "Follow Me Boutique" artists will be at next.

Summer is gone, fall is here and the fires are starting to rage throughout Southern CA. I hate to think we are in for another terrible fire season, but the skies tonight are filled with smoke in the distance, and the news reports are full of different fire events that have already began to take their toll on our area. We have to be very thankful for all of our brave and ever present firefighters. They are doing a remarkable job each and every season.

Crafting wise, I am preparing this week for a community garage sale on Saturday. This is my last sale of holiday goodies that are in storage. I am also taking advantage of the sale to do some DEEP CLOSET cleaning that is LONG overdue! After the garage sale it is time to prepare for my October class that is fast approaching. We are making a very cool memory box, and I can't wait to finish my sample. Look for a posting soon, to showcase these very lovely ways to store those precious memories.

Feel free to contact me regarding class schedules or calendar of craft show events, hope to meet you soon! Remember, keep crafting.... it is what keeps us sane in this insane time!

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