Thursday, October 2, 2008

Face cloths, Dish rags 100% cotton!

The crochet needles, sewing machine, and crafting table are in full swing preparing for all the upcoming Fall Craft shows. The crocheted dish rags and face cloths are made from wonderful colors ( many to choose from) and are all created with 100% cotton threads. I love using these in the kitchen, and the bathroom. What a great thing to have a nice basket full beside the sink, ready to go at all times. I find myself washing off my face many times through the day, and loving the refreshed feeling! These are from a pattern my Grandmother has used for years, and are tried and true! When dirty just pop right in your washer and dryer, and re-fill those baskets. With the holidays fast approaching, a couple of these along with some very fragrant soaps for kitchen or bath, and your gift is complete!

I am working on a listing of websites that I have found and enjoy. The focus of the list is on saving time and/or money in today's "let's get real, money IS TIGHT" days. If you have a favorite site, blog, or idea to add to the list please leave me a contact. In the upcoming days I will be posting my completed list and will share.

today's find: websites that offer online keycodes,discounts, and coupons for you to check out before purchasing:

check them out, if you find a favorite email or leave a comment.

Monthly special:
I am offering 2 free wash cloths to the first 5 people who leave me a comment ( be sure I have info on how to contact you) regarding, their favorite post of mine, and their favorite "save money" website.


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