Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The week in full swing!

This week is the kick off for spring class preparations along with the start of working on inventory for the upcoming "Carlsbad Street Fair" to be held the First Sunday in May.... just around the corner I fear!  I feel the creative clock is ticking, and know I must get in high gear to have plenty of goodies available for sale in time.

This little basket project is my take on the "Longaberger Small Gathering Basket"  I will be showcasing/teaching  in Sunday's upcoming class.   We are all going to be "learning how to weave".  

The latest news is all of Michael's retail stores have stopped in store classes, which is hopefully going to mean there are some  students out there looking around for new venues to take in their crafting classes.  My classes are open for new students and I am going to be adding additional classes to the calendar for any requests.  Classes are currently being held in a local tea shop which is the perfect setting to relax, have a refreshing drink and tasty snack while learning and laughing with us for class.  There is no pressure from any retail aspect to purchase items, which make it a great venue for relaxing and enjoying the art for a few hours.  Feel free to contact me if your in the Carlsbad, CA area and would like to get in on the fun!  You will meet some really great new friends!

I am still in awe over the weekends garage sale success.  We were continually swamped with shoppers from before 7 am right up through our tear down time of around 1:30.   I have never seen such a continuous flow of people through our neighborhood.  I recruited the entire family to get up at 5:30 am and help me set up and run this extravaganza.  Without my step-son and husband in full force I could have never pulled this one off!  We averaged 15 or more people at all times, and sometimes had as many as 30 shoppers.  People told me throughout the morning that this was the best sale they had been to, and they kept asking where was the crafting store that I was closing down.... :) it certainly looked as though there was enough inventory to have owned a store!   

We were very tired and hungry folks after putting the "remains" back into the garage for the upcoming sale #2, which will be even larger! There is a large amount of inventory, especially Fall and Christmas themed that I didn't even bring out.  At this point we still have the shed full, and the garage inventory went down about 1/3 ....  It is amazing how many crafters were out in full force! 

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Jenn said...

Cute basket! Good luck with your classes. :)