Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday, Monday

Kick off to "prepare for Carlsbad Street Fair" week!   I have been getting all my supplies ready, posting items for sale on Etsy and Ebay and now it is time to sew and create for Street Fair that is fast approaching.   

My greatest fear for a upcoming Fair is having enough inventory, priced in the right price range, and having a table that is INVITING to bring the people towards ME!   Hum, with that said I feel that fire starting to build inside my stomach!  With 3 weeks to deadline, I don't have much time left.  My inventory is somewhat low, so I have to ensure that I put in alot of hours at the "craft table"... as well as think through a strategy of ensuring I have a great looking table.  

I am pouring over Etsy in the Forums and chats for inspiration, looking through magazines while sitting in front of the TV, and listening to all my favorite crafting podcasters to keep inspired.  

The weekend here was absolutely Gorgeous!  With highs almost reaching 90 degrees, it was for sure NOT productive at the craft table!  My husband and I vegged out, watched movies, and chowed down on all the cool foods I had picked out at Frazier Farms this past Friday.  I love shopping their Natural Foods, and getting fish and other meats from their deli case.  The people are so friendly and the selection is so unique.  I picked out a really tasty stuffed salmon and grouped it with some grilled corn that had been brushed with lemon and paprika, along with some grilled pineapple slices, YUMMY!  All this cooked up within just a few minutes in the convection oven !  And in our house I cook, hubby cleans!   YES!

Taxes are done,  wine was consumed,  and all in all, the weekend FLEW BY!   

So, as I always say..... let's vote for longer weekends and shorter work weeks!  :)

Time to get crafting,   drop me a note of inspiration, and say hello if you see my blog!   

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