Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why do you make things?

Why do you make things? Please leave your comments, as I am collecting your comments to go in a future project. Wouldn't it be fun to hear everyone's reason as to why they craft? What is the motivator, what is the end feeling, and why is it important for you to create?

Myself... I find a pleasure in making things, a sense of accomplishment, and peace. If a new idea pops into my head I have learned to WRITE IT DOWN! So keeping a "craft journal" is very important to me... I can jot ideas, websites or links, doodle the image, whatever I need to trigger those ideas later when I sit down to work. Being an accountant most of my life has been a way for me to work in an organized manner, which my brain requests.... creating, lets the other side of my brain play... which is a must for me.

I don't sit down with a certain craft and stay there. Tending to jump from scrapbooking, sewing, crochet, and altered art projects gives me lots of outlets for getting my hands "dirty" and to intermix all aspects of creating when possible. I personally love recycling items from around the house into my creating. I work with boxes, plastic bags, and found embellishments of all sorts. The more I get into recycling products into my crafting, the more I look at everything I see as a possible "art project".

Back in Jr. High , Home Economics was my favorite class. I can remember getting a bad grade on a project of room design that I had worked on for several weeks to complete. I was so frustrated with the teacher, not understanding the reason for my grade. When I spoke to her about why she gave me such a low grade, I was surprised to hear that the main reason was she had expected me, above the others, to work in a more creative manner, to bring a completed project that was brilliant in being unique... she felt I didn't "think outside of the box", although my project was good, she felt I had the ability to do better... That was a turning point for me in creating. I learned to "throw away" the patterns, to try from trial and error, and not be so "cookie cutter".... That moment was my starting point for a life of not only enjoying to create
but, in NEEDING to create... needing to play, to learn, and sometimes to trash and start over! :)

Please leave your reason(s) you create and why. I would love to capture these ideas in a future project I have in mind.... Look forward to hearing what others have to say!


Teri said...

I love to create things! Sometimes they come to me in my dreams, others when I am fully aware but not present in what I am doing. I do write them down or sketch them out. I use recycled objects. You can see more of what I do at
Not only does making things bring me peace and joy I get to share it with others!

jschneider said...

Like you, i get ideas and inspirations at random times, and write them down in journals, saved for when i have time. I create because i have to - it's an outlet that i think i enjoy just as much for the experience of making, as for the result. Great Question!