Thursday, March 5, 2009

A little granddaughter time....

I recently was able to fly in for a little "Granny Yono" time. We ventured to an aquarium to take in the sites, with a buddy along ( little girl on the left). These girls are growing up so fast! Each trip in it is shocking to me how much they have grown since my last visit. The different personalities are developing as they become "little ladies".... although sometimes they aren't so "ladylike"!

I wish I could see them every day, but do my best to get there as often as possible. I can't wait till they are old enough to "go on the plane to visit Granny" all on their own! What fun we could have with a week or two each summer, hanging out at the beach and running around. At this point they are really into art, crafting, and creating.... I hope that passion only grows and grows. I will have to continue on doing my part to ensure they are the next generation of crafters in my family.

It has been a pretty quiet week, I'm working on getting my goodies into a local store on a consignment basis. If you have any ideas on this venture feel free to drop me a note.

We are in the process of finishing up taxes and although the hard part is over, now the pain and agony of paying out funds owed to the IRS is REALLY hurting..... UGH!

All of the news is driving everyone crazy, with the "bailouts", "mortgage crisis", and the overall economy doing nothing but nose diving, we have to keep finding ways to cut back, save, reserve, and overall "get back to basics".

In the crafting scene, I am working up my kits for class this Sunday. We are going to be working on our "In the Life of ME" books...... and the challenge is to motivate each student (including the teacher) to keep this project moving forward before those memories go..... I love the way my book is turning out. I truly enjoy creating base page layouts, to then go back add photos and whatever goodies I can locate from my "history". My dream would be to have people contact me, give me their "box of memories" and hire me to put it all together in a wonderful life book for them to cherish.

I will close with a few pics from the aquarium:

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