Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why do we create?

I am not sure if being a crafter is a talent or if it is a natural trait. I do know if I'm NOT crafting, life feels out of focus. Sometimes, it is hard to stay within the season, although Fall is absolutely one of my favorite times of year. So in tribute to our Spring here in Carlsbad, I found a picture of the wonderful flower fields we are known best for. This week's projects have included painting bird houses, and a Spring photo seemed just right for this story.

Creating to me is far above expression. I certainly don't feel it is a talent, it is more of a sincerity of how I feel. If I'm feeling moody, then crafting in any medium allows me to slow down the clock, pull from deep inside of me the reasons for not being happy, and put it all into perspective.

Recently our cars seem to be experiencing gremlins.... little this and thats keep going wrong, not just on one but all of our vehicles.... definately putting a wrinkle in our budget as it is layed out. But, I had to finally say, "We can yell, curse, cry, or laugh.... which shall we choose?" I'm trying to go the laughter route, because in the day to day of matters.... that REALLY is the Best choice. It really is about perspective... and isn't the real reason we are living our life day to day, far beyond the drudgery of things like "car gremlins"?

So, I am in Spring.... in my mind that is! And, the bird houses are ready for debute this weekend at the Follow Me Boutique and Carlsbad Street Fair. And I am laughing inside, loving the fun of Spring.... on this week of Halloween. :) Drop me a note, and tell me what season your "in".

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