Friday, March 21, 2008

Getting it together

I love the aspect of too many projects ahead.  The push to meet the deadline.... without that little bit of fear inside building, life would seem rather dull wouldn't it? :)

It seems the more I work to become organized and prepared, the more I see I am lacking in so many areas!  But, trudge on as they say, trudge on.

With the upcoming garage sale fast approaching ( now less than 1 week away).... I better get things priced, and prepared is my next agenda.  Do you really think that with the economy the way it is today, that  people are going to be flogging to garage sales? It seems traffic or sales are really down as far as unnecessary spending to me.  But, maybe bargain shopping will be on the upward swing.  So I will test the waters, and report back.  Considering a local real estate company is promoting this so called "community" garage sale, placing all the advertising, posting the signs, and putting out maps of participating homes you would think the turn out would be very good.  I figured what better time to take advantage of someone else doing alot of the marketing for me, even IF they are going to plaster their "imaged logo" all over the place... as long as it brings me the customers to my driveway on garage sale day, why do I care?

So trudge on, trudge on.... garage sale day and then on to upcoming classes very soon to prepare for, and right on the heels of that is the STREET FAIR  and all my goodies that must be prepared to sale!  OMG gotta go and get something done!

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